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July-Sep 2023               Lost, Found, Given, – Stored, Shown, Seen, Collaborate                                                            Exhibition, Grosvenor Museum, Chester, UK

Dec 2022                      The ’22 Collective, Collaborate Exhibition with Modern                                                             Art Chester & OH concept store, Chester, UK

May-July 2022             Degree Show 2022, the end of year degree show with the                                                             Fine Art Department of the University of Chester, UK

July 2019                      End of Year Show, Lycée Michael Lucius, Luxembourg


June 2024              Art on the Cut, Live Caricature Artist & Print Stall,

                                 Art Fair at National Waterways Museum, Ellesmere Port

March 2023           RE-TALE, Live Portrait Pianter & Print Stall,

                                 Curated by OH concept Store at Storyhouse, Chester UK

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